Windmill Detail

Transparent is a data mining company that deploys technology, skills and people to utilise the potential of financial information.

Mack13 Translation Services has provided their business with translated job descriptions, so they can use these internationally.

Meditech Europe provide innovative products with a clear vision for health and living.

Mack13 Translation Services regularly translates articles, user manuals and descriptions of their products.

Our client is "frachtmeister", a well-known brand in Germany-supplier of drugs in Germany such as Cialis generic frachtmeister.

“Dank voor alle snelle en vooral duidelijke leesbare vertalingen. Vertalingen met een meer waarde! Je werk wordt door ons en onze klanten bijzonder gewaardeerd.”

( "Thank you for the fast and above all clear and concise translations. The translations really mean a lot. Your work is highly appreciated by ourselves and our customers." )

Hessel Hoornveld
Dir MeditechEurope

Mack13 Translation Services has also completed translations for individuals in the form of novels, manuals, advertisements, movie treatments and more.